IPEVO Mirror-Cam

IPEVO Mirror-Cam
Part Number: A-900-4-01-00

IPEVO Mirror-Cam

Free the Doc Cam
in your laptop

Project anything onto your laptop screen in real-time. Just attach Mirror-Cam to the built-in webcam of your laptop and see everything that happens over the keyboard instantly streamed to the screen.

Pair it with IPEVO Visualizer software for the best Mirror-Cam experience!

Take advantage of the many great features in the IPEVO Visualizer Software to make sure you capture the best image with your Mirror-Cam.

  1. Rotate or Mirror the image to get the right orientation.
  2. Use Vertical Keystone Correction to digitally align the projected image at the top or bottom.
  3. Take snapshots, record videos and more to save and share the best bits of your work.
IPEVO Visualizer Software

Simple and Powerful Tool

  1. Fold up the corner flaps, followed by the top part of Mirror-Cam
  2. Snap to secure the top and bottom parts of Mirror-Cam
  3. Attach Mirror-Cam over the top of display screen, right above the camera
  4. Make sure the corner flaps are perpendicular to the display screen
  5. Adjust the screen so that Mirror-Cam points at just the right angle
  6. To keep Mirror-Cam flat for storage, interlock the studs and holes

Mirror-Cam, your new learning buddy!
Only CAN$54.99 for a 6-pack