V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Document Camera

V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Document Camera
Part Number: 5-903-3-01-00

See what I see, hear what I mean.

V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Document Cameras with an AI-Enhanced Mic

AI-Enhanced Voice technology by

Teach & Learn

New way of distance video teaching

V4K PRO is plug & play and requires no installation. It brings upgraded audio and video performance to the table and comes with free video software, which facilitates remote teaching, textbook sharing, experiments via video stream, painting lessons, and other physical demonstrations - just like being face-to-face.

Communicate & Co-work

Create professional space at home

With the high-resolution lens, LED light source, and AI-enhanced microphone, you can share documents and other materials during video conference calls or remote collaboration with high image and sound clarity. By filtering out background noise, V4K PRO lays the groundwork for professional presentations.

8-megapixel image sensor from Sony

With V4K PRO, you can now stream smooth video in Ultra HD and let your audience see whatever you demonstrate - clearly and in great detail.
Its image sensor offers exceptional image clarity, colour reproduction, and high definition resolutions up to 3264 x 2448 at 30fps.

Give your client a detailed look at your project
or let your students capture every piece of visual information,
smooth and with ease.

World’s first doc cam with an AI-Enhanced Microphone

V4K PRO is equipped with IntelliGO’s AI-Enhanced Voice technology. This noise filter utilizes artificial intelligence, which was trained with over 500 million distinct data and is highly effective in maintaining the natural sound of the human voice while removing noise with high accuracy.

Thanks to this onboard chip, any type of noise - be it a robot vacuum cleaner or bad weather - can be effectively removed from your sound output.

LED Light of V4K PRO
Shine, even in low-light conditions.

V4K PRO has its own light source, which is directed to the same spot as the camera’s lens. Thanks to this, the presented materials are captured clearly, even in low-light environments.

Versatile multi-jointed stand that won’t drop.

Change the camera’s height or angle freely to best capture the materials that you want to share. Or flip the camera’s head upwards and make it work as a webcam. It only takes a short moment. A lot of research has been put into the design of V4K’s stand. Apart from versatility and durability, V4K PRO provides a quick fix for loosening joints. Simply tighten any loose joints by turning the respective bolt clockwise with a coin.

Compatible with everything

Plug and play compatible with Zoom(Click to open external link in new window), Google Meet(Click to open external link in new window), Skype(Click to open external link in new window), Microsoft Teams(Click to open external link in new window), and more - on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

V4K PRO works with conferencing software and other software and applications that utilize computer cameras (standard UVC cameras).

Utilize the power of V4K PRO with software such as Seesaw(Click to open external link in new window), Camtasia(Click to open external link in new window), or OBS(Click to open external link in new window).

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