IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones

IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones
Part Number: 5-901-2-01-00

IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones

Hold up your phone
without holding up your phone.

One more arm to help you out

“The quality of our presentations is paramount to our success. And the tools we use are essential for achieving this quality.”

Many things can interfere when you showcase your work. Shaky image, neck twisting angles, or camera in motion are just some of the examples that make video communication appear less professional. Don’t settle for second-rate solutions, and let IPEVO Uplift help you make your presentation as good as can be.

Find the best shot

The multi-jointed body of Uplift allows for easy angle and distance adjustments. Frame the image the way you need and display your work clearly and in full.

By rotating the Uplift’s head, you can switch easily between vertical and horizontal orientation and go from showing your desk to showing yourself in a moment.

Sturdy arm with a firm grip

No matter your occupation, your audience won’t appreciate an image that is wobbling or shaking. The Uplift’s arm is made of aluminum alloy, and therefore it doesn’t bend or swing when adjusted or touched by accident.

Stable on your table

IPEVO Uplift is equipped with a metal base that provides high stability while keeping its footprint small. This way, the base stays out of your creative space below the camera lens, and you can always move it to the most optimal spot on your desk.

Go one step further

Pair Uplift together with the IPEVO iDocCam app and share your smartphone’s video feed onto a big screen, and more.

You can use iDocCam as a standalone app to view and adjust the live images captured by your smartphone's camera in the app itself. Or, you can use it together with IPEVO Visualizer software (installed on a computer or tablet) to turn your smartphone into a wireless document camera.